The company activities are carried out in full compliance with the current environmental protection regulations.

The Company has obtained the AUA Decree (Decree No. 976/AMB dated 28.08.2018) from the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and operates in accordance with the provisions of DPR 59/2013 regarding emissions into air, water, and soil.

The Company’s objective is to promote the spread of a culture of environmental protection, the correct management of waste, and the implementation of sustainable measures to prevent soil, water, and air pollution. In February 2022, the efforts put in place materialized with the achievement of ISO 14001:2015 Certification, promoting environmental performance through an advanced management system for the consolidation of environmental requirements and reporting situations with potential negative impact.

The integrated management system allows us not to underestimate the small daily actions, paying great attention to the methods used to carry out the activities underlying the company’s initiatives, implementing possible actions capable of safeguarding the surrounding environment.

The goal is to make the company’s image as “green” as possible, with a focus on renewable energies, from building boats with “hybrid” technologies to installing photovoltaic systems and reducing plastic in everyday work life.