Ship refitting can range from simple repairs during a periodic inspection to more significant structural renewals. Typically, refitting refers to major structural renewals.

Especially in cruise ships and cargo vessels, ensuring the safety of the vessel requires the expertise of specialists in technical regulatory aspects as well as skilled workers in coordinated activities that may involve:

  • modernization of a naval system
  • reinforcement or replacement of structural components of the hull
  • attention to onboard equipment
  • structural customizations for new specific needs

Structuring the ship refitting service at Cartubi

The specialized naval refitting service offered by the shipyard provides a 360° coverage, including:

  • Technical Management
  • Operational Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Crew Management
  • Insurance
  • Scheduling of themes and work on services and inspections
  • Internet support for the necessary compliance parts via a real-time database delivery

At the Italian shipyard Cartubi in Trieste, large-scale refitting and conversions are carried out.

Especially when new needs arise from the client, it is necessary to consider structuring a conversion for the vessel.

The shipyard is equipped for hauling and launching the ship as well as docking in the basin. This range of possibilities allows for smoother execution of carpentry, metal, and fiberglass work, steel and aluminum repairs. In our workshops, we can perform a wide range of mechanical repairs on all types of engines and transmissions, maintenance and installations of hydraulic, electrical, and electronic systems, anti-osmosis and anti-corrosion treatments, professional painting, repairs, and renovations of interior furnishings.

Repairs and Refitting

The shipyard is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to carry out repairs of any size, from complete refitting to structural repairs. By using high-quality materials and advanced techniques, long-lasting results can be ensured.

Structural reinforcement and modifications

The experience of our marine workshops and heavy carpentry department allows the shipyard to offer the possibility of carrying out significant structural modifications or reinforcements to improve performance or adapt vessels to new requirements.

Our conversion services and equipment:

Hauling and launching

Wooden constructions

Interior works

Teak refurbishments and repairs


Mechanical works

Hydraulic works

Steel construction and refurbishment processes

Steel machining


Works on shafts, propellers, and tires

Main and auxiliary machinery

Ballasting systems

Fiberglass works

Shrinkwrap boat cover

Replacement and repair of hatches

Ventilation works

Insulation works

Electrical and electronic works

Air conditioning works

Refrigeration works

Service equipment and machinery

Special painting and repairs



Osmosis treatments

Internal and external painting

Equipment and sails

Technical design

Final cleaning