The Cartubi Shipyard stands out for its dedication to quality and excellence in the field of ship maintenance. With a rich history of over 50 years of experience in the maritime sector, Cartubi has become a reference point for the maintenance, repair, and preservation of vessels, collaborating over the years with major shipowners in the market.

Technical expertise

One of the fundamental pillars of the success of the Cartubi Shipyard is the technical expertise of its employees. The team consists of highly qualified experts, naval engineers, and specialized technicians who work with passion and dedication to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety of the ships. Each staff member is constantly updated on the latest technologies and methodologies in the industry to provide cutting-edge maintenance services.

Ship maintenance services

The Cartubi Shipyard offers a wide range of naval maintenance services designed to meet the diverse and complex needs of vessels of all types and sizes. Below are some of the naval maintenance services.

Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

Thorough inspections and preventive maintenance are carried out to identify and address any issues before they become costly or hazardous. This approach helps to extend the service life of the vessels and ensure safety at sea.

Yacht Maintenance: Cleaning and Antifouling Maintenance

We offer antifouling cleaning services to prevent the accumulation of marine organisms on the hull of yachts, improving fuel efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Maintenance of onboard equipment

The Cartubi team offers maintenance for all onboard equipment: engines, electrical systems, navigation systems, stabilizer thrusters, and much more.

Quality and Safety

Ship safety is the top priority. Cartubi is committed to strictly following all international and national regulations to ensure that the vessels are safe at all times.