Thanks to years of experience in the field, Cartubi stands as a professional company expert in ship fittings. The Cartubi Shipyard is the trusted destination for transforming and renovating vessels with experience and expertise.

Custom Naval Fittings

The naval outfitting services are tailored to the client’s needs. Whether they are private yacht owners or commercial fleet operators, Cartubi specializes in enhancing and customizing vessels to perfectly meet their requirements. The team of experts in naval outfittings works closely with the client to understand their vision and turn it into reality.

From aesthetic enhancements to performance optimization, the shipyard is ready to work towards achieving the best results.

Precision Ship outfittings

The outfitting of vessels is crucial to ensure safety and stability at sea. Cartubi’s technicians specialized in outfitting work with utmost precision to ensure that every part of the vessel is correctly installed and maintained.